Wireless headphones for kids Buddyphones Cosmos Plus ANC (Blue)
Wireless headphones for kids Buddyphones Cosmos Plus ANC (Blue)
10 190 Ft

Wireless headphones for kids Buddyphones Cosmos Plus ANC (Blue)

Wireless headphones for kids Buddyphones Cosmos Plus ANC (Blue)
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10 190 Ft

BuddyPhones Cosmos Plus ANC Wireless Headphones for Kids (blue)

BuddyPhones wireless headphones for kids are perfect for remote learning, as they are equipped with noise cancellation. In addition, they are very durable and will take care of the little ones' hearing. You will also find a case included, which will make it easy to store and transport the headphones.

Headphones for learning

BuddyPhones headphones are perfect for studying or watching videos of online lessons, as they feature active noise cancellation. Your child no longer needs to turn up the volume to hear better, as the mode blocks out distracting background noise. In addition, the learning mode helps to isolate the voice from other sounds, which ensures clear u crisp sound while learning. In addition, they also have a built-in microphone. All this will help you concentrate better and be more productive.

Work comfort

BuddyPhones headphones impress not only with their functionality, but also with their elegant design. They will provide comfort to your child, as they are wireless and are supported by Bluetooth BT5.0, so they work up to 20 meters away. In addition, your child can easily switch them to noise cancellation or learning mode using two buttons, located on the side of the headphones. This guarantees full focus while learning.

Uninterrupted performance

Wireless headphones are a guarantee of uninterrupted operation, as the food of their battery is very large. It is enough for as much as 24 hours. Don't worry, however, when the battery runs out unexpectedly. The dual connection function will allow you to connect the headphones via a cable, which will be a lifesaver when their energy suddenly runs out.

Hearing protection

Is your child constantly wearing headphones, so you're worried about his hearing? Thanks to BuddyPhones wireless headphones, you can rest assured. They are equipped with 3 safe audio modes that you can adjust depending on your child's age or environment. There's the travel mode, which allows sounds up to a maximum of 94 dB, the baby mode, which allows sounds up to a maximum of 85 dB, and the toddler mode, which allows sounds up to max. 75 dB. In addition, it has anti-allergenic ear pads, so your child's ears are protected in every aspect.


BuddyPhones headphones take care of children's safety. In addition to hearing protection, they also have a durable casing that is made of friendly materials, so you can be sure that they will be suitable even for the youngest. Plus, it can recycle them.


Wireless headphones for kids are both safe and comfortable to use. Long connection distance and long battery life are not enough. This gadget is foldable, making it compact. In addition, you will find a hard case included, which will allow not only safe storage of the equipment, but also easier transportation. With it, your child can take the headphones anywhere and enjoy undisturbed operation.


  • BuddyPhones headphones in blue color
  • Hard case
  • Anti-allergenic ear pads
  • Charging cable
  • Audio cable
Producer BuddyPhones
Color Blue
Bluetooth version BT5.0
Range Up to 20 meters
Playback time up to 24 h
Frequency20-20 kHz
Input 4.2 V
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