Baseus AcmeJoy 5 az 1-ben Hub, USB-C - 2xUSB 3.0, USB 2.0, USB-C PD, RJ45 (sötétszürke)
Baseus AcmeJoy 5 az 1-ben Hub, USB-C - 2xUSB 3.0, USB 2.0, USB-C PD, RJ45 (sötétszürke)
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Baseus AcmeJoy 5 az 1-ben Hub, USB-C - 2xUSB 3.0, USB 2.0, USB-C PD, RJ45 (sötétszürke)

Baseus AcmeJoy 5 az 1-ben Hub, USB-C - 2xUSB 3.0, USB 2.0, USB-C PD, RJ45 (sötétszürke)
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15 290 Ft

Hub 5-in-1 Baseus AcmeJoy series USB-C to 2xUSB 3.0 + USB 2.0 + USB-C PD + RJ45 (gray)

Your laptop doesn't have enough ports? Now you can easily expand its capabilities! The 5-in-1 Baseus AcmeJoy hub offers up to 5 useful ports - 2x USB 3.0, USB 2.0, USB-C and RJ45. It allows you to transfer files at speeds of up to 500MB/s and supports PD 100W fast charging. It also allows you to enjoy hassle-free Internet access. The device also ensures safe use and stands out for its wide compatibility.

Wide compatibility

No matter what kind of equipment you use - the Baseus AcmeJoy hub will not let you down! The device is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS, and thanks to Plug&Play technology, it does not require the installation of additional drivers - you just plug it into your computer! What's more, the product works seamlessly with laptops, smartphones and tablets from well-known brands, for example, Apple, Lenovo, Xiaomi or Huawei.

Improved design

The hub is also distinguished by its modern design. The mirrored surface and tempered glass give it a sleek, stylish feel. The device also has a built-in light indicator that will provide you with information about its status. What's more, the silicone stand gives it more stability and ensures that it won't slide on the surface of your desk. Convenient transportation of the product is made possible by the included storage bag. The hub has also been protected against short circuit, overvoltage and overcurrent.

Transfer files in the blink of an eye

You no longer have to wait too long for the files you need to reach their destination. The hub allows you to transfer data at speeds of up to 500MB/s (on USB 3.0 ports). What does this mean in practice? To copy 1GB of files, you only need about 3 seconds! Now you can transfer all the necessary photos or videos between devices in no time. With Baseus you will save time!

USB-C 2-in-1 port

Now you can make your work even easier. The hub puts at your disposal a multifunctional USB-C 2-in-1 port, which not only allows you to transfer files at speeds of up to 500MB/s, but also supports PD 100W fast charging. You no longer have to worry about your laptop discharging at the least opportune moment! With Baseus you will gain peace of mind and increase the efficiency of your work.

Enjoy the Internet

Do you spend a lot of time on the Internet? Does your work require frequent use of the web? The Baseus AcmeJoy hub will certainly come in handy for you! The device is equipped with an RJ45 port, which allows you to enjoy transmission speeds of up to 1000Mbps. So you can participate in online meetings, watch movies, download files and even play games without any problems. The possibilities are almost endless!

OTG function

The hub will also make it easier for you to use smartphones and tablets. The product supports the OTG function, so you can connect it to the mobile device of your choice, and then conveniently transfer files to it from a USB drive or plug in a mouse and keyboard. This will make your work much easier and more enjoyable! Note: the connected tablet or phone must support OTG function.

In the box

  • Hub
  • Storage bag
NameAcmeJoy 5-Port Type-C HUB Adapter
Available ports2x USB 3.0, USB 2.0, USB-C, RJ45
Transmission speed (USB 3.0)Up to 5Gbps
Transmission speed (USB 2.0)Up to 480Mbps
Transmission speed (RJ45)Up to 1,000Mbps
Charging power (USB-C PD)100W max.
Input5V / 3A, 9V / 3A, 15V / 3A, 20V / 5A
Output5V / 0.5A, 5V / 0.9A
Supported systemsWindows, Mac OS, Linux
MaterialTempered glass + aluminum alloy + (PC + ABS)
Cable length140mm
WeightApprox. 86g
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