UGREEN HiTune T3 Vezeték nélküli fülhallgató, ANC (fehér)
UGREEN HiTune T3 Vezeték nélküli fülhallgató, ANC (fehér)
12 990 Ft

UGREEN HiTune T3 Vezeték nélküli fülhallgató, ANC (fehér)

UGREEN HiTune T3 Vezeték nélküli fülhallgató, ANC (fehér)
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12 990 Ft

UGREEN HiTune T3 ANC wireless headphones (white)

Nurture your passion for music with the UGREEN HiTune T3 wireless headphones. The 10-millimeter dynamic drivers will have you marveling at crystal clear sound and powerful bass, while the ANC noise cancellation feature lets you fully focus on the audio you're listening to. Operation of the equipment is facilitated by touch panels, and when designing the headphones, the focus was on convenience. The operating time with the charging case is up to 24 hours.

For the love of music

The UGREEN HiTune T3 headphones will allow you to appreciate the beauty of your favorite tunes in a new way. The equipment is equipped with dynamic 10-millimeter drivers, thanks to which you will delight in high-end sound, richness of details and appreciate powerful bass.

Nothing will disturb you

Want to be able to focus on your music no matter where you are? With UGREEN headphones it's possible! Thanks to ANC active noise cancellation, ambient sounds won't distract you. HiTune T3 provide up to 90% elimination of unnecessary noise.

Thoughtful solution

Worried that, while listening to music, you'll miss an important announcement at the train station or won't hear when someone is talking to you? You can use the Ambient Sound function and stay in touch with your surroundings. You activate this mode by holding down the right earpiece for 2 seconds.

Enjoy a stable connection

Tired of interference and connection problems? You can leave this problem in the past. The UGREEN HiTune T3 headphones support Bluetooth 5.2 technology, so you'll enjoy a fast and stable connection over a distance of up to 10 meters.

Bet on comfort

UGREEN headphones enter pairing mode when you open the charging case. This allows you to efficiently connect them to the device of your choice. What's more, thanks to their ergonomic design, you can be sure that they will fit perfectly in your ears without causing pressure. Also noteworthy is their lightness - the weight of one earphone is only 4.3 g. Free operation of the equipment is possible thanks to touch panels.

Don't stop the music

Say goodbye to limitations and enjoy the long working time of UGREEN headphones. The HiTune T3 will let you listen to your favorite tunes for up to 7 hours on a single charge. You can extend this time to as much as 24 hours using the included charging case. You only need 1.5 to 2 hours to renew the equipment's energy.


  • Headphones x1
  • Charging case x1
  • USB cable x1
  • Replacement caps x4
  • User manual x1
Bluetooth version5.2
Bluetooth profilesHSP, HFP, AVRCP, A2DP
Bluetooth frequency2400MHz - 2483.5MHz
Bluetooth rangeup to 10m
CodecsAAC, SBC
Battery typeLithium-polymer
Case input5V 320mA
Case output5V 100mA
Charging portUSB-C
Operating time7 hours (without case) / 24 hours (with charging case)
Charging time for headphones1.5 hours
Charging time for the case2 hours
Weight of an earphone4.3 g
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