Superfire M9-E keresőlámpa, 900lm, USB
Superfire M9-E keresőlámpa, 900lm, USB
9 690 Ft

Superfire M9-E keresőlámpa, 900lm, USB

Superfire M9-E keresőlámpa, 900lm, USB
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9 690 Ft

Superfire M9-E flashlight

The practical Superfire M9-E flashlight will prove useful in many applications - not only as a light source, but also as a powerbank. The operating time of up to 289 minutes creates almost unlimited possibilities, and the IP31 protection rating allows you to use the device even in varied conditions. Additional design features, such as a special hook or hidden storage space for small items in the handle, make it even easier to use this unique product.

Bright light - wide range of operation

The device is equipped with a high-powered light chip that allows it to shine with an impressive brightness of up to 900 lm. The flashlight also surprises with a wide range of up to 473 meters. This makes it perfect for many situations - on a camping trip, during a night hike, or even during a search operation. Whatever the scenario, it will provide you with optimal illumination.

Lights as you need it to

The M9-E can shine in many different ways. The front lamp emits a bright, white light. This is ideal for use during rescue operations or after-dark expeditions, for example. The device also has a side lamp that can shine in white or red. This will also make it useful as a warning light, among other things. Use it however you like!

It's also a practical powerbank

The flashlight is equipped with powerful 18650 rechargeable batteries, thanks to which its working time can be up to 289 minutes. Their status is indicated by an indicator on the bottom of the device. That's not all! Superfire M9-E also has a special charging port, which allows you to use the flashlight as a powerbank. This allows you to easily charge your phone in almost any situation - for example, on a camping or fishing trip.

Lightweight, handy, durable

This flashlight, made of ABS plastic, weighs relatively little - only 493 g. So you can comfortably take it with you wherever you need it. At the same time, thanks to the use of highly hardened materials, the device is distinguished by exceptional durability - even a fall from a height of up to 1 m will not frighten it! Use it without worry - the risk of damage to it is really low.

Even greater convenience of use

When designing the device, care was also taken to make it easy to use. The flashlight has been equipped with a hook that allows you to hang it anywhere, as well as a hinge on the bottom of the flashlight, which allows you to stand it stably on a horizontal surface. In addition, you'll find a cleverly hidden storage space for small items in the M9-E's handle - you can fit a cable, a lighter or a small screwdriver, for example.

Manufacturer Superfire
Model M9-E
Light source SST-40-N4
Range up to 473 m
Brightness up to 900 lm
Weight 493 g
Dimensions 200x95x94x140 mm
Operating time up to 289 minutes
Charging time approx. 609 minutes
Degree of protection IP31
Drop resistance up to 1m
Material ABS
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