Soocas H5 hair dryer (red)
Soocas H5 hair dryer (red)
16 490 Ft

Soocas H5 hair dryer (red)

Soocas H5 hair dryer (red)
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16 490 Ft

Soocas H5 hair dryer (red)

The SOOCAS H5 anionic hair dryer is distinguished by its sleek design, powerful 20,000 rpm motor, high, up to 30-million negative ion concentration and many uses - the included accessories will also allow you to conveniently style your hair. Check out what you can gain!

Comprehensive care

Your hair can be healthier and shinier than ever before. SOOCAS H5 will gently dry them, keeping them supple and flexible, improving static, and preventing split ends and frizz. Say goodbye to frizz, static problems and dull, unattractive color - with H5 your hair will get shiny, smooth and look great!

4 working modes

SOOCAS dryer allows you to work in 4 modes. With its help you will dry your hair with a fast or slow stream of warm air. You can also choose the option of a natural gust of wind. The circulation mode makes the device dry hot for 5 seconds and then cold for 3 seconds, which provides a quick result of well-dried, yet refreshed hair whose volume will delight you. Switch freely between modes and adjust the dryer to your needs - you'll soon be enjoying healthy, smooth hair.

Fast, efficient, practical

A powerful motor, 6 fan blades and a spiral air outlet design contribute to the dryer's efficient operation. It also offers a power output of up to 1800 watts. After a series of tests by the Soocas laboratory, it was discovered that this value ensures fast, efficient and even drying without frizz. Devices operating at 1000 watts do not guarantee effective drying. On the other hand, those offering a power level of 2200 watts make hair dry. Soocas therefore provides proven solutions that guarantee the best results. Forget about having to expose your hair to damaging, scale-damaging hot air. With H5, your hair will always be in excellent condition.

The power of anions

Let millions of negative ions take care of your look. Thanks to the high concentration of anions, your hair will become smooth, shiny and moisturized. With SOOCAS H5, you'll also forget about split ends. Take advantage of the extraordinary power of negative ions and enjoy a beautiful hairstyle.

Useful accessories

The H5 hair dryer is equipped with practical accessories that will make it easier for you to use the device and enable you to style your hair effectively. The 360° adjustable concentrator will allow you to comfortably style your hair the way you want.

Full protection

SOOCAS will keep you safe. The double mesh separates your hair from the fan and minimizes the risk of entanglement. The double-layer insulation of the concentrator ensures that you are not in danger of getting burned. The air temperature rises uniformly to reduce the risk of damaging your hair, and in case of possible overheating, the device will automatically shut off. So you don't have to fear anything - with SOOCAS you can count on comfortable, safe hair care.

Convenience of use

The H5 is equipped with a long, 1.7-meter cable. You no longer have to dry your hair in one uncomfortable position - a cord that is too short won't restrict you. Conveniently use the dryer the way you want. The device is also very easy to use. You turn it on with one button, and set the speed with another. The LEDs located on the housing will provide you with information on the current mode of operation. All this makes the H5 dryer easy and convenient to operate.

Delightful design

The dryer fits perfectly in your hand, is extremely handy and lightweight - it weighs just 510 g, which is as much as a regular bottle of water. Forget about heavy devices that make drying your hair a difficult and tiring challenge. H5 is also distinguished by its stylish, futuristic design, which was recognized with an iF Design Award in Germany in 2018. The model is available in 2 color versions - a classic silver one and a slightly bolder red one. Choose the perfect dryer for you and enjoy a functional yet elegant device that will take care of your hair.


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  • concentrator


Power1800 W
Maximum speed20000 rpm
FunctionsWarm air / Cold air / Ionization
Cable length1.7 meters
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