Petoneer Nutri Vision Okos ételadagoló kamerával
Petoneer Nutri Vision Okos ételadagoló kamerával
36 590 Ft

Petoneer Nutri Vision Okos ételadagoló kamerával

Petoneer Nutri Vision Okos ételadagoló kamerával
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36 590 Ft

Petoneer Nutri Vision Food Dispenser

Feed your dog or cat and ensure their healthy eating habits while keeping an eye on them whenever you want. The Nutri Vision pet food dispenser with HD camera gives you these options and much more. With a 3.7L capacity, your pet will always get the right portion of food on time. The device can be controlled from the app. Notifications when there is little food left will make sure you never forget to refill your pet's food. The hidden Power Bank slot allows the device to run for a long time without being connected to a permanent power supply.

Stay connected with your pet

The device is equipped with a 720p camera with additional Night Vision function, which provides comfortable viewing even at night. So you can always check on your pets when you're not at home - no matter what time of day it is. What's more, the two-way voice function lets you talk to your pets and give them commands from a distance. You will not lose contact with your pet even if you are on the other side of the country or the world. Want more? With the photo and video function, you can easily capture every precious moment of your pet's life.

Intelligent feeding

A special, dedicated application allows you to program the time of feeding, as well as the number of portions. This way you can easily take care of your pet's healthy eating habits - prevent it from overeating and make sure it is not hungry. You can be sure that your pet will not be overweight or underweight. From now on, you also have an overview of your pet's feeding history. Get him a balanced diet and receive a notification from the app when your dog or cat has eaten their portion. You can also, of course, give your pet food outside of regular feeding time as well. Worried about forgetting to refill your pet's food? Don't be! Special notifications will remind you.

Voice control with Alexa

Are you looking for additional options to remotely control your food feeder? Petoneer Nutri Vision will be perfect for you. The device is compatible with the Amazon Alexa assistant, so you can control it with voice commands. Now you can feed your pets by saying a simple sentence such as "ask Petoneer to feed my puppy 1 portion of food on Nutri". Life should be simple - your furry pet deserves it too!

Clever design

With two sets of smart sensors built in, the Nutri can efficiently provide you with information on how much food is left and if it's missing. Don't have your smartphone handy to receive a notification of running out of food? No worries! LED indicators also let you know when you need to refill. At the same time, the reservoir is designed to prevent small food particles from getting blocked in it. The reducer and low speed also ensure that the right energy is always available for feeding. The reversal of the rotor rotation is ideal in case of blockages.

Feeding at the touch of a button

Even without a telephone, you can feed your pet comfortably. All you have to do is press a button to use the manual feeding option. Are you afraid that your pet will accidentally press the button and eat an extra portion? Don't be! Use the deactivation option available in the app and worry no more.

Huge capacity and easy cleaning

Once filled, Nutri Vision holds enough food to feed small dogs and cats for days. The large feeder capacity of 3.7L makes this possible. What's more, the detachable container and simple design make it easy to keep the unit clean, too. Taking care of your furry family has never been so easy!

Space for a Powerbank

An invisible slot on the back of the device allows you to insert a powerbank, which can act as a backup battery in case of power failure. No longer limited to regular grid power - Petoneer Nutri Vision gives you the freedom of choice and the guarantee of reliable operation even if there is a power outage.

TUYA compatible

The Petoneer Nutri Vision feed dispenser runs on the TUYA platform. This means that it is compatible with other products that use TuyaSmart. To provide you with the best user experience, the Petoneer app is built on the Tuya protocol. This makes it extremely intuitive, easy to use and yet functional, providing you with a range of additional capabilities.

In the box

  • Petoneer Nutri Vision Feeder
  • USB power cable
  • USB Charger
  • Bowl
Brand Petoneer
Model PF002
Dimensions 230 x 246 x 352 mm
Net weight 2.2 kg
Power supply DC 5V/2A
Capacity 3.7 L
Resolution 720p
Connectivity Wi-Fi
Range 30 m
App Petoneer
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