PG-106 PGST Tuya 4G vezeték nélküli otthoni intelligens riasztórendszer

PG-106 PGST Tuya 4G vezeték nélküli otthoni intelligens riasztórendszer
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37 590 Ft

PGST PG-106 alarm system

PGST PG-106 is an advanced security system to help you protect your home. It supports not only Wi-Fi connection but also GSM/GPRS connection. It will also work well as a phone. The main panel is equipped with a large touch screen display. The kit also includes several useful accessories that will allow you to better take care of security. The device supports 8 languages - including Polish. It can save up to 5 emergency calls.

A comprehensive security system for your home

To allow you to create a reliable security system, not only the main alarm panel is included, but also accessories such as a remote control, RFID tags, and a wired siren, among others. You can also buy more sensors separately and combine them with the PG-106. The system supports up to 99 devices! What's more, when it detects that the charge level of any of them has fallen below 10%, it will notify you immediately. So you can easily take care of uninterrupted protection!

Reliable protection and multifunctionality

The product supports 2 types of connection - Wi-Fi and GSM. Thanks to this it will surprise you with its reliable operation. If a threat is detected, it will immediately notify you via a phone call or SMS message. You can also record your message of up to 20 seconds in length - it will be played back when you receive a call in a similar situation. The device supports 2-way audio, so it will also work as an intercom.

User-friendly alarm panel

Easy, intuitive operation of the alarm panel is enabled by its 4.3-inch TFT touchscreen. It provides convenient access to the most important functions and settings. It also displays the current date and time, among other things. The alarm panel is the most important part of the whole system - it is worth taking care of its proper protection, for example, by using a motion sensor. What is more, if someone tries to disassemble or destroy the device, it will emit a loud beep, notifying you of the danger.

Remote control

Pair the PG-106 with the app and gain convenient remote control of your alarm system. Receive notifications, set parameters and rename accessories. An SOS function is also available. You can also arm or disarm your system remotely using the app. The product is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to control it with simple voice commands.

Adjust its performance to your lifestyle

Unarming or disarming the system is not only possible from within the app. You can also do it by voice or from the PG-106 main panel. But that's not the end of the possibilities! There is also a function to create schedules for the device. Set it so that its operation is adapted to your lifestyle and say goodbye to tedious re-entry of settings every day.


- PG-106 wireless control panel
- Motion detector
- Door sensor
- 2 RFID key fobs
- 2 remote controls
- Sound siren
- power supply
- micro-usb cable


Brand PGST
Model PG-106
Power suppply micro USB, DC 5V
Working current <120mA
Standby current <80uA
Alarm current <500mA
Wireless frequency 433MHz
Wireless coding EV 1527
GSM bands 850/900/1800/1900mHA
Battery 3.7V / 500mAh, lithium-ion
Temperature range 0℃ - 55℃
Humidity range <80% RH
Dimensions 185 x 128 x 14.7 mm
App Tuya