Home Alarm Smart System PGST PG-103 Tuya 4G

Home Alarm Smart System PGST PG-103 Tuya 4G
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PG103 4G alarm system

Make sure your home is protected with the PGST brand alarm system. It supports Wi-Fi and GSM/GPRS4G network connectivity, so you can be double sure that it won't let you down. The product memorize up to 5 phone numbers, and when you pair it with an app, you'll gain remote control capabilities. The main panel will also work as an intercom. Large touch screen display makes it easy to use and completely new module increases safety. The device supports 9 languages - including Polish. The set includes an alarm panel and several practical accessories.

A complex system - keep yourself and your family safe

PG103 is compatible with equipment such as a gas leak detector or camera. You can pair up to 100 devices with it to make your home even more secure. In addition, you will also find remote controls, RFID tags, a wired siren, a motion detector and a door detector. All this will allow you to create a reliable system that will help you increase the security in your home.

Find out about a threat instantly

Now you can go on vacation or business trip with more peace of mind. If any threat is detected, the system will immediately make an emergency phone call. The device can remember up to 5 numbers - if one is busy, it will simply dial another. This gives you the assurance that someone will know about the danger.

Reliable protection

The system supports not only Wi-Fi but also GSM connection. So you do not have to worry that in case of power or Internet failure your home will remain unprotected. Regardless of the situation, you will immediately learn about possible dangers and respond accordingly. Fire, burglary or a family member fainting - no matter what happens, you will be able to call for help right away.


Operation of the alarm panel is very easy. The 2.4 inch TFT LCD display screen enables comfortable and intuitive control of the system. But that is not the end of its advantages! It also displays useful information such as date and time, as well as battery status. What's more, the PG103 supports nine languages for menu, voice messages, and emergency text messages - including English and Polish.

Additional features

PGST PG103 also has other features. It supports 2-way audio, so it will work perfectly as an intercom. For example, you can use it to communicate with your child when you are at work. The alarm panel supports SIM cards, enabling remote control of phone calls and SMS messages. You can also pair the system with a compatible doorbell.

Create a schedule to fit your lifestyle

You can arm or disarm the system at any time. There is also a function to create schedules for its operation. If you want, schedule the PG103 to operate at night for a restful night's sleep and have it shut off automatically in the morning when you wake up. This will help you avoid the tedious daily adjustments.

Remote control with app

Pair the PG103 with the Tuya app to control it remotely and gain access to a range of practical features. Arm or disarm the system from anywhere in the world, receive important notifications, change settings, and check saved history. You no longer have to get up from your couch or armchair to operate the device - just reach for your phone!

Brand PGST
Name Wireless alarm system PG-103 4G
Model PG-103
Display screen digital, 2.4"
Power DC 5V
Working current <120mA
Standby current <80uA
Wireless frequency 433MHz
Wireless coding EV1527
Wi-Fi IEEE802.11b/g/n
Cellular network 4G
Battery lithium battery,3.7V/500mAh
Relative humidity <80%RH
Working temperature 0 - 50°C
Product size 185 x 125 x 14.7 mm
App Tuya