HiBREW M1A elektromos tejhabosító (fehér) 450 W

HiBREW M1A elektromos tejhabosító (fehér) 450 W
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HiBREW M1A electric milk frother

With the HiBREW M1A electric milk frother you can prepare fine foam for your cappuccino, latte with marshmallows or Cafe de Cuba drink. The device is very easy to use and it automatically shuts off when finished. Cleaning it will not be a problem either. The milk frother allows you to prepare milk hot or cold.

Many possibilities

The HiBREW milk frother is ideal for a variety of applications. It allows you to heat milk and froth it both hot and cold. You can quickly prepare hot, thick foam for a latte, hot, delicate foam for a cappuccino or cold, thick foam for a refreshing drink. You can conveniently operate the machine with just one button, which is equipped with colored backlight. Red color means that the heating function is on and blue that it is off.

Large capacity

The device stands out for its surprisingly large capacity. If you opt for a thick froth you can pour up to 100ml of milk into it. For a thin froth it can hold up to 200ml! Inside the milk frother there are MAX and MIN markers to make it easier to use. No need to worry about too much or too little milk!

Easy to maintain

The inner part of the frother is covered with a non-stick coating. Its milk container is made of aluminium alloy and the housing is made of durable ABS plastic. All this makes the device very easy to clean and resistant to wear. You can easily keep it in perfect condition. Moreover, the 2-layer design protects users from scalding.

Only the finest solutions

The M1A frother is equipped with a retractable cable, so it takes up less space and makes it easier to keep your kitchen counter tidy. The special, detachable jug spout makes pouring the milk easier and gives you more precision when making patterns on your coffee. The transparent lid is made of durable PP plastic that is safe to use in contact with food.


Brand HiBREW
Model M1A
Color White
Voltage AC 220-240V 50/60Hz
Input power 450W
Weight 0.52kg
Capacity Up to 100ml (thick foam) / up to 200ml (thin foam)