HiBREW H11 kobakos kávéfőző gép 19 bar nyomással 1450 W
HiBREW H11 kobakos kávéfőző gép 19 bar nyomással 1450 W
63 590 Ft

HiBREW H11 kobakos kávéfőző gép 19 bar nyomással 1450 W

HiBREW H11 kobakos kávéfőző gép 19 bar nyomással 1450 W
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63 590 Ft

HiBREW H11 cob coffeemaker

Can't imagine a day without a cup of hot, aromatic coffee? HiBREW H11 will prove indispensable in your home! With its help you can easily prepare delicious cappuccino, espresso or latte. The machine has a pressure of 19 bar and is equipped with a milk frother. It heats up very quickly and automatically switches off when finished working. It can brew coffee in ESE pods and ground coffee, and its water tank has a capacity of 1.1l.

Essential accessories included

In the package you will find everything you need to prepare an aromatic, flavorful drink. The 3 different filters allow you to brew ESE pod coffee or ground coffee (single or double). The set also includes a measuring cup with tamper. You can also buy a special bottomless portafilter (sold separately) for even better results and extra full flavor. Check it out and see for yourself!

19 bars for perfect coffee flavour

Do you want velvety coffee texture, rich aroma and great taste? Then H11 is the perfect choice! The machine delivers pressure of up to 19 bar to ensure the best from your beans. What's more, the stainless steel heating element heats up the water very quickly and steadily maintains the temperature at the optimum level. No need to worry about your coffee not being hot enough!

Well thought-out design

The H11 coffee maker stands out thanks to its compact size, so you can use it without any problems, even in a small kitchen. It is made of stainless steel, so it is safe for health and resistant to wear. Its convenient operation is ensured by a special knob. Both the drip tray and the water tank can be easily removed and cleaned. The device also allows you to conveniently heat up cups.

Easy to use

The coffee machine is extremely easy to operate. On the side of the machine you will find a small knob with which you can select one of the available functions - heating water, brewing coffee or generating steam for the frother. On the front, there's a special panel with buttons that let you turn the machine on and off, as well as choose whether you want to brew one coffee or two. It will take about 22 seconds to make one espresso and about 32 seconds to make two.

Powerful milk frother

No more trips to the coffee shop for a delicious cappuccino or a smooth caffee latte. The H11 espresso machine offers a convenient milk frother, making it easy to prepare deliciously creamy milk foam. Its nozzle is equipped with 3 holes, so you can get the desired effect even 2 times faster than usual. Now you can easily make your favourite cappuccino!

In the box

  • H11 cob coffeemaker
  • ESE Pod filter
  • Single Espresso filter
  • Double Espresso filter
  • Tamper
  • Water Pipe
  • User manual
Pressure19 bar
Water tank capacity1.1l
Rated voltageAC 220-240V 50/60Hz
Rated power1450W
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