Habotest HT625B digitális szélsebesség mérő
Habotest HT625B digitális szélsebesség mérő
14 190 Ft

Habotest HT625B digitális szélsebesség mérő

Habotest HT625B digitális szélsebesség mérő
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14 190 Ft

Habotest HT625B anemometer

HT625B is a functional and compact anemometer with high sensitivity. It is equipped with an 8-blade rotor and HD color display. It requires 3 AAA 1.5V batteries to power it. It allows you to take measurements in different units. You can also connect it to a computer via a USB cable for real-time data management.

Precise measurement of various parameters

This multifunctional anemometer accurately measures not only air velocity, air volume (CFM, SMM, CMS) and humidity, but also air temperature, wet thermometer and dew point. It also allows you to take average measurements. You gain access to individual functions and settings by pressing specific buttons. Habotest meets the expectations of users around the world. The ability to change the unit of measurement will allow you to adapt the device's operation to your needs and habits. Available options include m/s, km/h, miles/h, ft/s and even knots. The device is distinguished by its high sensitivity and responsiveness of 0.5 seconds.

Ease of use

Operation of the HT625B is surprisingly simple. The device features practical buttons such as an on/off switch and a function toggle key, as well as buttons that allow you to select the parameter unit and the value you want the device to calculate (minimum / maximum / average) and a button that allows you to store data. The anemometer also has an 8-blade rotor with a bearing sensor, a high-resolution color screen and a USB port.

Convenient access to information

The anemometer is equipped with an easy-to-read HD color display that can display units with a maximum value of 9999. It provides convenient access to the most important information related to the operation of the device. It allows you to quickly check not only the measurement results, but also the battery status, for example. You can also gain more convenient access to data and manage it in real time - the HT625B can be connected to a laptop or computer via USB. Take advantage of this opportunity to work even more comfortably, yet efficiently.

Practical, portable, convenient to use

HT625B is not only functional, but also lightweight and handy. Using it is extremely comfortable. It fits perfectly in the hand and does not cause discomfort. Its transportation will not cause you any problems either - it measures only 197 x 60 x 33 mm, so you can easily fit it into your bag and take it wherever you need it. The product will be great for meteorology, industry, hydrology and urban environments, among others. It will also be useful for those involved in environmental protection.


  • Digital anemometer x1
  • AAA 1.5V battery x3
  • User manual x1
Air velocity measurement range, resolution and accuracy0.4-30 m/s: 0.01, ±(2%+0.5 m/s);
1.40-108 km/h: 0.01-0.1, ±(2%+1.8 km/h);
1.30-98.50 ft/s: 0.01, ±(2%+1.6 ft/s);
0.80-58.30 knots: 0.01, ±(2%+1.0 knots);
0.90-67.10 mph: 0.01, ±(2%+1.1 mph);
78.00-5900 ft/m: 0.01-0.1, ±(2%+10 ft/m)
Air volume measurement range, resolution0-9999 CFM (CMM, CMS), 0.01-0.1
Display9999 counts
Temperature, resolution, accuracy-20°C-60°C (-14°F-140°F), 0.1, ±1.5°C
Dew point temperature, resolution, accuracy-20°C-60°C (-4°F-140°F), 0.1, ±1.5°C
Wet thermometer temperature, resolution, accuracy-50°C-60°C (-58°F-140°F), 0.1, ±1.5°C
Humidity, resolution, accuracy0-99%, 0.1, ±4°C
Air channel area settingsYes
Data storageYes
Automatic shutdownYes
Low battery indicatorYes
Power supply3x AAA 1.5V battery (included)
WeightApproximately 180 g
Dimensions197x60x33 mm
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