Earphones TWS Baseus Bowie MZ10 (black)
Earphones TWS Baseus Bowie MZ10 (black)
14 490 Ft

Earphones TWS Baseus Bowie MZ10 (black)

Earphones TWS Baseus Bowie MZ10 (black)
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14 490 Ft

TWS Baseus Bowie MZ10 headphones (black)

Want to experience your favorite songs in a brand new version? Thanks to Baseus MZ10 this will be possible! These headphones will provide you with excellent sound, thanks to which you will lose yourself in your beloved music. What's more, the reliable Bluetooth 5.2 technology guarantees a stable and trouble-free connection up to 10 meters! In addition, 4 microphones will allow you to talk freely on the phone, and a dedicated app makes it easy to control. With Baseus, nothing will limit you anymore!


2 modes of operation

Baseus headphones have 2 modes of operation so that you can adjust them to your needs. The first - noise cancellation mode - will let you lose yourself in your favorite songs, as it easily reduces outside noises. However, want to hear what's going on around you? Choose Transparency mode, so you'll no longer miss an important announcement at the airport or train station.


Made for talking

Baseus MZ10 are equipped with 4 microphones so you can freely make phone calls. What's more, they minimize outside noises, ensuring that your caller will always hear every word you say.


Wireless connection

What sets Baseus headphones apart is the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology, which guarantees a stable and wireless connection of up to 10 meters. What's more, it will provide excellent and deep bass, as well as clear and soft vocals. With Baseus you will fall in love with your favorite songs all over again!


Gaming experience

Are you an avid gamer? Are you looking for the right equipment for you? Baseus headphones will be the perfect choice! Equipped with DCLL technology, they provide ultra-low latency of 0.06 seconds. This makes audio-visual synchronization at an excellent level! Put on the headphones and win more games.


Comfort of use

Baseus headphones are designed with comfort in mind. They will automatically connect to your chosen device as soon as you take them out of the case. What's more, when you put them in your ears, the music will start flowing right away. Baseus will provide you with a unique user experience!


Easy to use

Baseus also provides ease of use. You can freely switch the headphones between 2 devices so you never miss anything exciting! What's more, the headphones are equipped with a multi-functional control panel that allows you to turn your music on or off, rewind, answer calls or launch a voice assistant, among other things. From today, you can control your device with just a few clicks!


Even more possibilities

The dedicated Baseus App gives you even more possibilities. With its help you can, among other things, locate your headphones, see the actual battery status, switch modes or change button settings. Install it on your phone and get more options!


Long working time

The Baseus headphones are equipped with a large rechargeable battery that provides a long working time. They can serve you up to 4.5 hours on a single charge, but you can extend this time to 20 hours with the charging case. This way you can enjoy uninterrupted music, even during a long trip!

Producer Baseus
Model NGTW340001
Color Black
Material ABS + PC
Weight approx. 40.8 g
Bluetooth version5.2
Operating distance 10 m
Operation time 4.5 h (without case); 20 h (with case)
Rechargeable battery35 mAh/0.135 Wh (headphones); 400 mAh/1.48 Wh (charging case)
Charging interface Type-c
Charging time approx. 1,5 h
Frequency response 20 Hz - 20 kHz
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