Earphones TWS 1MORE ColorBuds 2, ANC (black)
Earphones TWS 1MORE ColorBuds 2, ANC (black)
11 390 Ft

Earphones TWS 1MORE ColorBuds 2, ANC (black)

Earphones TWS 1MORE ColorBuds 2, ANC (black)
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11 390 Ft

1MORE ColorBuds 2 headphones (black)

Indulge your passion with 1MORE and appreciate music in a new way. The ColorBuds 2 headphones feature 7-millimeter drivers to bring out the best from your favorite tunes. Bluetooth 5.2 technology guarantees a stable connection, and the ANC function lets you hear only what you want. The equipment's operating time reaches up to 24 hours, and you can renew its energy wirelessly. You can customize the performance of the headphones to your preferences using SoundID.

Hear every detail

The 7-millimeter dynamic drivers that the ColorBuds 2 are equipped with ensure that distortion is minimized and restore the sound to its original tone. As a result, the 1MORE headphones offer excellent, balanced sound with high resolution and crisp bass. What's more, they support SoundID technology. Using the 1MORE Music App, you can create your sound profile to suit your preferences. Now you can enjoy a personalized listening experience!

The perfect solution for gamers

If you're a gamer, you certainly know how disadvantageous delays are during dynamic games. With ColorBuds 2 TWS headphones, you'll say goodbye to this problem. Adaptive aptX, TM and AAC codecs guarantee perfect synchronization of video and audio. In addition, the 1MORE headphones support Bluetooth 5.2 technology, which, combined with the Qualcomm chipset, ensures fast and reliable transmission. Now you can quickly respond to your opponent's movement and claim another victory!

ANC noise cancellation and Transparency mode

Hear only what you want to hear. ColorBuds 2 headphones offer ANC noise cancellation technology so you can listen to the audio of your choice without ambient noises interfering with your focus. Want to stay in touch with your surroundings so you don't miss an important announcement at the train station, or have a short conversation without taking off your headphones? Choose Transparency mode!

High-quality microphones

Conduct phone conversations without interference. ColorBuds 2 features up to four microphones with cVc 8.0 active noise cancellation, which effectively filters out unnecessary background noise and ensures that your caller hears every word you say, even when you're talking in a crowded place.

Up to 24 hours of operation

Listen to music uninterrupted wherever you are. One charge of the headphones provides up to 8 hours of use (if you don't use the ANC function). The charging case allows you to extend this time to 24 hours. ColorBuds 2 discharged at the wrong time? No problem! Just 15 minutes of charging is enough to enjoy their operation for another 2 hours. Renew your equipment's energy with the included USB-C cable or wirelessly.

Practical solutions

Bet on convenience with 1MORE! ColorBuds 2 headphones automatically pair with the device they were last connected to as soon as you open the charging case. What's more, when you take the headphones out of your ears, music playback is interrupted until you put them back in. Also noteworthy is the IPX5 level water resistance, so you can listen to your favorite songs during an intense workout without worry.

Touch operation

No longer do you have to reach into your pocket for your smartphone to pause or resume playback, answer an incoming call, or activate the voice assistant. ColorBuds 2 headphones feature touch panels for convenient operation. From the 1MORE Music app, you can make changes to your settings and enjoy the comfort of your dreams.

Ergonomic design

1MORE headphones fit perfectly in your ears without causing any annoying discomfort. They are also extremely lightweight - the weight of a single earphone does not exceed 4.9 g. The equipment is also distinguished by a stylish design, and thanks to the UV coating is resistant to stains and fingerprint marks.


  • Headphones x1
  • Charging case x1
  • USB-C charging cable x1
  • Pair of interchangeable caps (XS, S, L) x3
  • User manual x1
Handset battery capacity55 mAh
Charging case battery capacity410 mAh
Operating timewhen ANC function is on: 6 hours or 18 hours (with charging case); when ANC function is off: 8 hours or 24 hours (with charging case)
Charging time of the handset70 minutes
Charging time of the charging case85 minutes
Bluetooth type5.2
Bluetooth rangeup to 10 m
Bluetooth protocolsHFP / A2DP / AVRCP
Operating temperature0°C to 45°C
Weight of the handset4.9 g
Weight of charging case34.5 g
Dimensions of the handset27 x 21 x 20 mm
Dimensions of charging case60 x 30 x 38 mm
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