Blitzwolf BW-OLT9 kültéri napelemes LED lámpa mozgás- és szürkületérzékelővel

Blitzwolf BW-OLT9 kültéri napelemes LED lámpa mozgás- és szürkületérzékelővel
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Blitzwolf BW-OLT9 outdoor LED solar lamp with motion and dusk sensor

The Blitzwolf BW-OLT9 LED lamp is perfect for any garden. It provides illumination with a brightness of up to 400lm and is distinguished by its IP64 water resistance. It is equipped with 3 rotating heads, so you can adjust it to your needs. It also has a motion and dusk sensor. The capacity of its battery is 1800mAh, and its trouble-free charging during the day is enabled by a built-in solar panel.

Bright light

Want to ensure optimal lighting in your garden? The BW-OLT9 lamp will certainly not disappoint you! The device is equipped with 128 LEDs, so it generates an eye-friendly light with a brightness of up to 400ml and a color temperature of 3000K. This allows you to enjoy versatile, neutral lighting.


Adjust the position of the lamp to suit your needs and make it illuminate every nook and cranny. The BW-OLT9 model is equipped with 3 movable heads. The side ones can be adjusted within 90°, and the middle one within 100°. The position of the device's solar panel can also be adjusted within 20°. What's more, you can rotate the entire lamp by up to 270°.

Built-in motion sensor

Do you often come home after dark? You no longer have to worry about tripping over something and hurting yourself! The lamp is equipped with a motion sensor - it will automatically turn on the light when it detects that someone is nearby, and turn it off after 30 seconds. As a result, it will perfectly light your way in the dark! The device is distinguished by a range of up to 8m and a detection angle of 120°.

Take advantage of green energy

Take advantage of publicly available, free solar energy and forget about higher electricity bills. The BW-OLT9 light is equipped with a durable 1800mAh battery. However, you don't have to worry about charging it. The device has a built-in polysilicon solar panel, which has an efficiency of 17%. With its help, you can charge the lamp in just about 6-7 hours (on a sunny day).

It is not afraid of harsh conditions

You can mount the lamp outdoors without fear - harsh weather conditions are no threat to it. Thanks to its IP64 water resistance, it is not intimidated by rain or splashing. The device will also work well in hot weather. It can easily work in temperatures from 0°C to even 45°C.

Solar panelDC 5.5V / 1.55W
Number of LEDs128
Type of LEDsSMD2835
Color temperature3000K
SensorsLight & PIR sensor
Detection angle120°
Detection rangeUp to 8m
Battery capacity1800mAh
Working temperature0-45°C
MaterialPC + ABS
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