Baseus T2Pro Bluetooth nyomkövető zsinórral (fehér)
Baseus T2Pro Bluetooth nyomkövető zsinórral (fehér)
3 990 Ft

Baseus T2Pro Bluetooth nyomkövető zsinórral (fehér)

Baseus T2Pro Bluetooth nyomkövető zsinórral (fehér)
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3 990 Ft

Baseus T2 Pro anti-loss device

Going on vacation and afraid of losing your luggage? Or maybe your child is going to summer camp and you want to take care of its safety? The Baseus T2 Pro Bluetooth Locator tracks items in real time and prevents them from being lost, and keeps children and the elderly safe in crowds. The battery life is 365 days and a loud alarm helps you locate. The included lanyard makes the product easy to install.

Fast locating

Attach the locator to a specific item so you never lose it again. When you're within its range, all it takes is one button on the Baseus Smart app to set off a 90 dB alarm. This is how you'll instantly find your lost items without time-consuming searches or stress.

Long operating time

What makes Baseus T2 Pro stand out is its extremely long operation time. Locator is equipped with CR2032 battery, which provides up to 365 days of work. So you do not have to worry about a sudden discharge, which will make it difficult for you to locate lost items before an important outing.

Helpful map

If you lose connection with a particular item, a map available in the app will help you find it. You can check on it the last position of the lost item, which will make finding it much easier. This feature works well in a car - leave the locator in it and track the location of the car in real time. You can use the app to operate an unlimited number of locators simultaneously.

Anti-lost alarm

Baseus T2 Pro Bluetooth Locator supports two-way signaling to prevent signal loss. When the distance between your mobile device and the locator is more than 30 meters outdoors and 10 meters indoors, an automatic alarm will sound to let you know when the safe distance is exceeded.

Greater safety for children and seniors

Locator makes it much easier to take care of a child or senior, for example, while shopping in a crowded mall. All you have to do is put it in a person's pocket and when that person moves away, your smartphone will trigger an alarm. Importantly, the feature also works the other way around, so a child or senior can summon a caregiver. This is facilitated by a simple button on the locator.

NameBaseus T2 Pro anti-loss device
ModelT2 Pro
Battery typeLithium-ion
Battery capacity240 mAh
Battery lifeapprox. 365 days
Nominal current3.3 mA
Power10 mW
Nominal voltage3 V
Volume80 - 100 dB
Dimensions32 x 35 x 8 mm
Weight5 g
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