Baseus Metal Gleam Series 5 az 1-ben hub, USB-C - 3x USB 3.0 + HDMI + USB-C PD
Baseus Metal Gleam Series 5 az 1-ben hub, USB-C - 3x USB 3.0 + HDMI + USB-C PD
12 090 Ft

Baseus Metal Gleam Series 5 az 1-ben hub, USB-C - 3x USB 3.0 + HDMI + USB-C PD

Baseus Metal Gleam Series 5 az 1-ben hub, USB-C - 3x USB 3.0 + HDMI + USB-C PD
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12 090 Ft

Hub 5in1 Baseus Metal Gleam Series, USB-C to 3x USB 3.0 + HDMI + USB-C PD

Looking for a reliable tool to help you work more efficiently? The Baseus CAHUB-CX0G docking station is the perfect answer to your needs! With as many as 5 available ports, the ability to quickly charge your devices, support for 4K HD resolution and lightning fast data transfer of up to 5 GB/s - check out what else you get! At the same time, the product is extremely durable, and thanks to its compact size you can always carry it with you.


Enhance the capabilities of your laptop

Use just 1 input of your laptop to gain the ability to connect several different devices to it. The hub by Baseus is equipped with 5 ports, such as USB-C, HDMI and USB 3.0, among others. So this small device gives you a lot of possibilities and allows you to significantly increase the functionality of your computer!


Quickly charge up to two devices at the same time

Conveniently charge your devices while using your laptop at the same time. This is an excellent time-saver! The CAHUB-CX0G docking station supports PD 100 W, 5 V/1.5 A fast charging and BC1.2 protocol, which means you can charge your smartphone and tablet simultaneously in no time. The need to constantly change cables and powered devices will become just an unpleasant memory!


High image resolution

Baseus CAHUB-CX0G is also a great image quality. The HDMI port supports 4K@60 Hz resolution, which will give you an unforgettable experience. With the adapter, you can connect your laptop to a projector, TV or other larger screens. Take advantage of this opportunity to duplicate your computer's image on a large display and watch a movie, review photos or conduct a presentation with interesting slides.


Transfer files in no time

The hub also allows you to transfer files quickly. The USB 3.0 port allows you to transfer data at speeds of up to 5 GB/s. That's enough to copy multiple images or high-definition video in just seconds. No more waiting indefinitely for your photos, videos or documents to be transferred!


Wide compatibility

Don't be afraid of docking station compatibility problems. It works with different versions of Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Chrome OS. It also supports tablets and smartphones from various manufacturers - from Apple to Samsung to Huawei. It doesn't matter what devices you use on a daily basis - the Baseus brand hub will most likely work fantastically with them. What's more, thanks to the Plug&Play system you can easily connect it - you don't need any additional drivers.


Additional possibilities for your smartphone

The possibilities don't end there! With the Baseus docking station, for example, you can turn your phone into a host, which is ideal for mobile work. The device also supports the OTG function. This means that with its help you can, for example, display images from compatible smartphones on the big screen or connect them to portable drives.


Perfectly thought-out design

The CAHUB-CX0G docking station is small and portable. You can always have it at hand and use it whenever you need it. At the same time, it is characterized by high durability. Made of aluminum alloy - it is resistant to wear, color fading, damage and heat. Pleasant to the touch texture and elegant modern design are its additional advantages. In addition, a blue, luminous indicator in real time indicates the status of the device.


NameMetal Gleam Series 5-in-1 Multifunctional Type-C HUB Docking Station
MaterialAluminum alloy
CraftSandblasting and anodizing
Port PD5V/9V/14.5V/20V 5A (Max)
4K HDSupports 4K@60Hz HD display
USB 3.0Supports 5GB/s (Max.), backward compatibility with USB 2.0
Systems supportedGoogle Chrome OS, Apple OS, Windows XP/7/8/10, Linux, Vista
Standby currentUp to 400mA
Compatible devicesNotebooks with USB-C, Apple Book Pro 2016/2017/2018/2019/2020, Apple Book Air 2018/2019/2020 etc.
WeightAbout 76.5g

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