Baseus Dual Power autómosó, vízpumpával + tartozékokkal

Baseus Dual Power autómosó, vízpumpával + tartozékokkal
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Wireless car pressure washer

The cordless pressure washer will allow you to quickly and easily wash not only your car, but also the fence, the space in front of your house or patio. You can also use it to water your flowers. The pressure washer is powered by 4 8000mAh batteries. The CRDDSQ-01 has a power output of 50W with a maximum pressure of 0.7MPa and a flow rate of up to 1.2l per minute. The device's removable battery is located on the back, and you'll charge it with a Type-C cable. The device runs for 30 minutes on a single charge, and you can read the remaining battery level from the LED indicator. Also, the washer draws water from any available source. Just put the garden hose in a lake or barrel and you can start washing.

Lightweight construction

High water resistance rating - IPX4 ensures safe use, so you can be sure that the battery will not short circuit due to water leakage. The washer weighs 1.3kg and is made of metal, making it lighter than other machines. The ergonomic gun-shaped handle with a 115° angle will perfectly fit your hands and make it easy to use. In addition, the machine is easy to use, you can control the spray of water with a single button.


Brand Baseus
Model CRDDSQ-01
Weight 1.3kg
Product size 235mm x 680mm
Input power 5V/2A
Rated voltage 14.4V
Power rating 50.4W
Maximum pressure 0.7 MPa
Flow rate 1.2L/Min
Battery life >30 min
Charging port USB type C
Charging time 4 -5 hours
IP rating IPX4

Packing list

water gun
a foam pot
a 5-in-1 nozzle
water pipe
a folding bucket